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Happy New Year! 2019

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for coming to check out my new site. I am super excited for everything I have to share with everyone. I hope you all had a fun/safe New Year's Eve with your loved ones. Hopefully you guys are not too hungover today! LOL! Ours was one of our best yet! My husband made us dinner at home (he's a chef) so thank God he was home. We were in our pj's, wearing our Uggs, drinking champagne and just lounging on our couch. It's clear we're not in our twenties anymore... this kind of New Year's Eve is my JAM!

Being a Pasadena local sure makes me feel for all of the people sleeping on the streets waiting for the Rose Parade floats in the morning. It's seriously insane to me that these people choose to sleep in the cold! Brrrrr!!!! If you are a LA resident make sure you go see the floats up close. The city of Pasadena will have the floats out for viewing until 5:00 PM tomorrow 1/2/19. Children under 5 are free, so that is an added bonus. We will be heading out there in the morning, pretty sure it will be a zoo. Fingers crossed it's less crowded than it was today.

2018 was filled with ups and downs, but overall it has been filled with self reflection, self love, and growth. I am happy to say that I am healthy and happier than I have ever been. Starting off 2019 with putting myself out there and being totally vulnerable. I am sharing my life with you! Eeek! My goal with this website/blog is to share myself with all of you. My goal is to help moms, and women in general realize that by doing something for yourself daily it can make you happier all around. Some of you might already do this, but for most of the women I know, they don't. They are either too busy with work, kids or just don't have the extra money to do so. I hope that by sharing my tips, tricks, favorite products, tutorials with all of you, I can help in some way. I will always try my hardest to post budget friendly products along with some splurges for when you want to treat yourself to something nice. We all deserve a splurge every now and then! I am sure all of you are sick of hearing this, but 2019 is the year! New Year, New Me...that's my motto this year and I'm rolling with it!

Cheers to a healthy, happy, love filled 2019!

xoxo, Valerie

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