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My lash game is STRONG, yours can be too!

Lashes, lashes & more lashes..let's not forget our brows too! I don't know about you guys but my eyelashes and eyebrows are VERY important to me. They really brighten your eyes and in my opinion complete your whole look. I am going to make this post short and sweet, so here we go..

For someone like myself who doesn't like wearing fake lashes of any sort but still love a full set of lashes, serums are for YOU! I started using R+F LASH BOOST about two years ago, used it for a month or so and I noticed results within a few weeks (this stuff is pure gold) the problem I faced with it was my eyes were becoming slightly irritated. I do wear contact lenses so I don't feel like that was helping the situation..if anything it was probably making it worse for me. So I decided to cut back to 2-3 days a week instead of 7. I did notice some loss of lashes, basically like shedding of what would have been lost had I not been using the serum to begin with. That will happen with any serum you use, so don't be alarmed, your lashes will end up being what they were prior to use. I decided to incorporate COLD PRESSED CASTOR OIL into my regimen just to strengthen my lashes and give them a little break on my "off" days. It's all natural and promotes hair growth, so it's a win, win! I use it on my lashes, brows and I even add it into my conditioner. Last but not least BABE LASH! I started using babe lash a couple of months ago, I LOVE it. One of my friends started using it before me and her lashes are INSANE, they are so good! Babe offers two sizes so it's great if you have never tried a lash serum before and don't want to invest a lot of $$$ The BABE LASH applicator is small so I feel like the product isn't being wasted at all and I don't have any irritation even with my contact lenses. I don't have a real schedule as far as the order I use these in, I basically just grab whichever one as long as I am using one of them daily. I have to say I did see the most dramatic results using R+F LASH BOOST, so if I had to suggest one that would be it! It is on the more expensive side ($155) so just make sure you use a little bit of it, a small amount of that stuff goes a long way! If you do feel any irritation try doing every other day. If you are looking for the more natural route I highly suggest COLD PRESSED CASTOR OIL, I suggest using it at night, and purchasing the applicator tubes for a better application. Don't feel like you need to use all three, I just do because I have them all and it works for me. One will definitely do the trick! Everything is linked below, I hope you all find one that works for you!




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