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Organization #2019

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Is everyone else on an organization kick like I am? I find myself just wanting to go through every drawer, cabinet & closet in my house (all at once, of course!). I find this to be very therapeutic while causing me massive anxiety all at the same time. I couldn't help but notice that having so much "stuff" is not only wasting so much space, but it has cost me so much more money in the long run. The two things that have been driving me absolutely bonkers the last few months is that I have a linen closet that I couldn't close (19 baby blankets later, it closes) and I have been carrying around two makeup bags with me in my car.

Why two makeup bags you ask? Because heaven forbid I don't have what I need! lol I'm a hot mess, that's why!!! Alright, so I realized this was a real issue. I went and ordered one of those amazing clear acrylic makeup organizers that the Kardashians always have on their bathroom vanities. It is HEAVEN!!!!! I can see right through it! Not only that, it has a lid so I can put stuff on top! While going through all of my makeup I realized I have duplicates of so much stuff. I can't help but think WHAT A WASTE! Ugh.

As for my linen closet I used some foldable baskets I had got a while back from Ikea. I had originally used them in Myles nursery drawers. I reused them to separate the pillowcases from duvets & sheets. Worked like a charm! I am heading to Home Goods & the Container Store tomorrow to get drawer dividers for the bathrooms, and baskets for under the sinks. I may have failed my Shred 10 on day 3, but this organization kick is something I am going to stick with. Shred 10 will happen in February if not sooner. (As I am drinking my wine, eating prosciutto, this delicious Jalapeno Pub cheese from Trader Joes & crackers). I keep telling myself "Summer bodies are made in the winter, Valerie".. oops!

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Ikea Bins

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