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Tips & Tricks To Finding Your Favorite Workout (Free ClassPass Promo Code)

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Do you have a favorite workout? Let’s figure it out and save some money while doing it!

Let’s face it, getting in shape is not for the weak! Not only does it take strength mentally and physically, but it can also be hard on your bank account. I realized that in the past I have committed to monthly, even yearly memberships that were not even for a gym or workout that I really loved. Another problem I have with committing to one particular gym is that I want variety. Did you know that most gyms (Pilates, Yoga, Boxing, Spin, even basic gyms like 24 Hour fitness..) offer at least one FREE class to all new members? I have even had companies offer a full week for free classes as a trial! How amazing is that? What better way to really feel like making the commitment is one you will be happy with?

Thankfully I finally found what works for me! I go to Orange Theory as a member & I am a member of ClassPass as well for all of my other workouts because I need variety. Orange Theory is a full body, high calorie burning workout. It kicks my butt every time and I keep going back for more! I go to Orange Theory 2-4 times a week. Orange Theory offers one free class for all non-members witch is great, that's how I got hooked.

I need variety so I am also a member of ClassPass too. ClassPass is HEAVEN for the commitment phobe or anyone who just loves variety! ClassPass offers a large variety of classes all around town. Small privately owned gyms like Yoga, Pilates, Spin.. All at different times of the day. As a mom sometimes I get a random hour or two to myself if someone wants to take Myles off my hands, or if a client cancels last minute. With ClassPass I can go on the app and pick a class within the hour! I have even found that they are at a reduced rate when booked at an off time or right before a class is about to start. ClassPass is all point based, so I have seen classes range from as low as 1 point a class to as high as 18 points a class. For example it’s 3:00 PM right now, I checked Class Pass and found a Zumba class for 1 Point that starts at 4:00 PM, I also checked Barry’s Bootcamp (it’s a very popular place) that starts at 4:30 PM and its 13 Points. So you just need to figure out how to get your money's worth, it's up to you how you spend your points. For those of you who don't know about Barry’s Bootcamp, GO take a class! It is such a fun, high calorie, fast paced class, you wont regret it. is my trick to getting the maximum amount of FREE workouts in while finding the perfect workout for you. Before you use the promo code I give you, go see if the studio you have been eyeballing offers a free class or even a free week for that matter. Once you use ClassPass you are already considered to be a student at their studio, so you can’t go back and get that free class or free week, so do that first. GO TRY the class you have been too scared to try. I know how hard it is to motivate yourself to get up and do it. It’s also just scary to go into a new studio for the first time, but DO IT!!! Bring a friend, it makes it so much easier. If you want to give CLASSPASS a try I have a Promo Code for ONE FREE month off of any ClassPass Plan for all of my followers. Take advantage and make it one less excuse of why you couldn’t make it to a workout. After all.. Summer bodies are made in the Winter, let's make 2019 our year for health!



Join me on ClassPass and you'll get 1 month free off of any ClassPass plan! ClassPass is the perfect way to keep your workout routine flexible and try everything from yoga, barre, pilates to cycling and boxing!

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