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LA is cooling off, it's officially FALL

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

So this post came a little sooner than I originally thought it would, but to be honest I was getting a little sick of the heat! Here are just a few pieces I am either pulling back out of my closet from last year or going to get for this Fall/Winter season. I hope this gives you all a little inspo for the coming season.

Something I always stick to when shopping is to only splurge on STAPLE PIECES, like good quality Jackets, Blazer, Coat, Shoes & Purses. That doesn't mean expensive everything, it means high quality basics (and always at the best price I can find them). When you make good purchases on your basics you won't have to be replacing them every season, they should last you years! This saves money in the LONG RUN.

TRENDS... If something is "trendy" (Neon, Tie Dye, Barrettes, wood purses..etc) I will find the most affordable version of it, I really can't stand paying full price on crap that will be outdated in a few weeks/months time, drives me crazy! Trends are fun, but not always necessary to be fashionable, I always try to remind myself of this while shopping. Something that is ALWAYS trending is ANIMAL PRINT, it has never stopped being a mom wore it years ago before I was even born, and still rocks it to this day. So my advice is to spend $$ on some cool, quality pieces if it's something you are truly loving instead something "trendy".

Not sure about you guys, but I have always thought I couldn't go outside of my "box" with my style, I always say "I'm not that cool". I will compliment things other people are wearing and think to myself "she looks AMAZING, but I can't pull that off". Well, enough of that garbage!!! Style is supposed to be fun and make you feel good about yourself, so why not? I hope you all enjoy what's to come this season with my evolving style and I hope you all get the courage to switch things up too! Tag me on Instagram @losangelesmomma if I have inspired you to step out of your fashion/beauty box and try something new this season.



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